Monday, 22 August 2016

Welcome - Daniel Flaim

Daniel Flaim has joined the Plant Ecology Lab and will be working on a project titled "Managing the Natural Grasslands of the Murray Valley Plains for conservation of native biodiversity".

Daniel is investigating processes which drive a) biomass, and b) vegetation community development, and thus habitat provision for native animals, in the Natural Grasslands of the Murray Valley Plains of Victoria. This nationally Critically Endangered vegetation community is vital to the survival of many rare and endangered plant and animal species, but has almost been extirpated in Australia through agricultural practice. Remaining high quality examples are fragmented and limited in extent. He will seek to understand how and when management inputs such as grazing or burning might drive the system towards configurations which best secure threatened biota. Daniel will be supervised by Dr John Morgan, Dr Nick Schultz (Federation University) and Dr Nathan Wong (Trust for Nature).

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